Wednesday, August 4, 2010

[static]PERFORMANCE: Shreveport’s John Calvin and the expansion of Empire

[static]fest was a blast - 23 bands, multiple quality open jams, a full-size school bus for sleeping/partying,  camping, and booze&food galore made this first fest the best fest in the west! We raised over 100 lbs of food for the Missoula Foodbank and over 200 (!) lbs of food for the St. Regis Foodbank! We would like express our undying gratitude for every musician, artist, attendee, camper, local, and touring act that made this event possible. You are the bomb, and we hope we are worthy of your efforts. Many thanks to Calvin, proprietor of the Four Star Bar, for his ball-busting hard work, open-hearted generosity, and willingness to help some crazy rock kids make things happen.

The [static] folks convened over crawfishing and beers last weekend, deciding to expand the influence of empire through music, performing arts, and food drives. The first official [static]PERFORMANCE  features Shreveport, Louisiana's own JOHN CALVIN! These two dudes rock some wicked, wicked duo action with guitar and drums, evoking fleeting images of Shellac, Steelpolebathtub, godheadSilo, and Death Cab (the joke is on Bellingham, for sure!).  Supporting the biblical weight of John Calvin are locals Suicide Victim (thrash-ska-core), Abe Coley (dextrous/bluesy BSMT curator), and Bridgebuilder (2-piece mountain man rock). A suggested donation of $5 at the BSMT on Sunday, August 8th, 9pm, will get you a pass to a special night of Northern meets Southern rock power. Come check it out! Podcast below:

SHOW: @BSMT, Sunday, Aug. 8th, 9pm, $5 suggested donation, all ages! 
1) John Calvin - “Pretty, pretty princess has a pit stain”
2) Suicide Victim - “Can you dig it”
3) Abe Coley - “guitar jam 1″
4) Bridgebuilder - “Backstraps”


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Friday, July 23, 2010

It is upon us!

Alright, folks! 2 days of booze and BBQ-fueled Montana summer rock and roll! This fine shindig begins at noon tomorrow, Saturday the 24th, and goes all the way through Sunday night! We've got tons of locals, sick headliners, a magnificent venue, and food a-plenty! IT IS ON!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Directions from Missoula to the Four Star; another blastin' podcast!

Here's how you get to [static]fest from Missoula:

Missoula, Mt
1.Head northwest on W Broadway St toward Ryman St
0.2 mi
2.Take the 3rd right onto Old U.S. 93 E/N Orange St
0.6 mi
3.Merge onto I-90 W via the ramp to Coeur a Alene
8.2 mi
4.Take exit 96 to merge onto MT-200 W/US-93 N
27.1 mi
5.Turn right
82 ft
6.Turn left
157 ft
7.Turn right
115 ft
Ravalli, Mt
and here's the map to Ravalli on Google Maps: 

The Four Star Bar is located on the right-hand side of the road if you're coming from Missoula. Its attached to Morigau's Restaurant, and there is parking in front of AND on both sides of the building. The front entrance faces the highway. Musicians: park on the north end of the bar to load in the side door. We suggest carpooling for day attendees and overnight campers alike. Temperatures are expected to be in the 90's during the day, so be sure to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, LOTS of water, and possibly a sun umbrella. Cold water will be available at the bar, but its best to be extra-hydrated to avoid heat exhaustion. The concert will be half-indoors, half-outdoors, with additional beverages available at the bar.

Episode 5: Smooth country roads and gnarly ditches! 

1) Rhetoric - “The Mob Is Fickle” - A smokin’ mishmash of punk, prog, alt-rock, and even some Shellac-ish bits and pieces, these dudes front on the heavy tip, with some sludge and dirt sprinkled on for good measure. Rhetoric takes home my personal vote for ‘Slickest Riffs of Missoula 2010″ award!

2) Suicide Victim - “Poison the Milk Truck” - Suicide Victim, the mutant brainchild of longstanding Zootown rocker Josh Jacka, assails its fans with uber-tight timing changes and more melodic hooks than an expert angler has tied flies. Josh has gone fishing on behalf of his solo project, hooking a Billings-to-Zootown power lineup. These dudes combine their powers to deliver some of the tastiest thrash/ska/death/punk this side of the Divide.

3) Whiskey Whore - “Sex and Drugs and Jesus” - they look like wayward youth and sound like a dying U.S. Federal Marshall in the 1800’s . . . in other words, Whiskey Whore bring the outlaw life to punk with all guns blazing. The only prisoners they take are the ones they free from the hands of the man! They released their debut EP, ‘6 Shots,’ this year on Jimmycat Records to uproarious praise.

4) Ello - “Sleeping on the Surf” - Chillness, melancholy, resignation, psychadelia, and hope - a perfect pop stew for an enlightened era of imperfect, fragmented pop. At first listen, its hints of Roy Orbison, Blue Oyster Cult, and 13th Floor Elevators. Twenty minutes later, you have to listen to “Sleeping on the Surf” again, noticing the rate at which your heart swells. Organ swells and languid, trailing vocals make this one killer.

5)Bridgebuilder - “Final Master Weapon” - jamming across Montana and the PNW since ‘97, Bb has seen numerous members come and go. The current trio seems to be the tightest yet, morphing metal freakouts into off-kilter pop and chaotic noise rock. “Final Master Weapon” seems to be about souls . . . or weapons . . . or the ocean. Yeah!


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Friday, July 16, 2010

Episode 4: THE FINAL LINEUP and a Freak Rock Podcast!!!!!

Well folks, we confirmed and reconfirmed, and here's the final lineup for [static]fest, July 24th and 25th! Music runs on two stages and from noon till 2am both days!

Saturday:  Warcry, Altargrowthe, Proletarian Jitterbug, 10yoGF, Bridgebuilder, Zebulon Kosted, Psycho Punk Chicks, Satan's Slave, Judgment Hammer, 1985/ I Cordyceps, At Home In The Cosmos, and Whiskey Whore.

Sunday: John Meeks Band, Aaron Jennings, Slowly But Shirley, Spirit Ditch, Shortchanged, Infernal Machine, LMLFock, TSMF, Rhetoric, Yeti, Gladiators Eat Fire, and Stonehaven.

Freak Rock Podcast:

1) Infernal Machine - “DFWG” - Pants-crappingly cool band featuring a series of oddly-shaped and charismatic dudes, Infernal Machine mix punk, country, ska, and noise rock elements together into a veggie stew of Three-Witches-Cauldron sized importance. May the dark Spacelord Zaxxon have mercy on all of us!

2) Altargrowthe - “Variable one (live)” - a twin-headed, anomalous beast featuring DJ EverNo and Armageddotronimator, Altargrowthe plays, and I quote: “eerie mountainous improv blast rock.” Hell yes! DJ EverNo will be spinning tracks in between bands on Staurday, the 24th, as well . . . booty-shakin’, head-blastin’ ahoy!

3) Spirit Ditch - “Demon in my Belly” - two down-home Montana bros karate chop the blues with a roundhouse kick of honest work, heavy drinking, and whittling the years away. Home recording, DIY everything, and some tipsy moon-howling all apply here. Grab some BBQ and check ‘em out at the show, they NEVER disappoint!

4) Satan’s Slave - “La La Lullaby” - oldster/youngster purveyors of Montana freak-rock for the last 7 years, the father-son duo of Brian and Dave Barnett blaze through tranced experimentations, jazzy ethereal statements, and ballsy noise-outs. “La La Lullaby” displays the sinister and quiet moments from their last DIY album ‘Whore of the Worlds.’ These dudes have played for the Montana State Senate, Lake County scuzz bars, and even a busload of old folks! Let the freaks come in!


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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Episode 3: Heavy Hitters

1) Stonehaven - “Hearing the Pyre-breath” - These Kansas City masters of black metal shred so hard and dark it makes the corpsepaint melt off the faces of even hardened BM vets. Lots of starts & stops, minor-multiplied-by-devil’s-triad depressing riffs, and scouring vocals add up to a behemoth of decibel-killing rock power. Thank you, Kansas City, for birthing pure evil!

2) Zebulon Kosted - “Between This World And The Next (excerpt)” - for ten years now, ZK has rocked the one-man black metal/ ambient noise performances, racking up an astonishing amount of full-length albums and splits with underground metal acts from across the globe. Here is a sampling of his most recent album, released on Fall of Eden Records. He who knows he does not know, knows . . .

3) Green Sickness - “Clementine” - These masters of the temple have sent us another track, and we HAD to post it! From their recent recording in Seattle!

4) Shortchanged - “Hard as F#@&” - Oakland’s own thrashy punk maestros Shortchanged blaze through furious, fist-pumping rockouts with a brevity only matched by its heaviness. A tasty chunk of Cali-style punk rawk for us all!


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Monday, July 12, 2010

Episode 2: Revenge of the Locals (wherein our intrepid audiences get mangled)

For the first round of locals, we've assembled tracks from some of the hardest, meanest, dirtiest bands around Missoula! 

1) Judgement Hammer - “Lightning War” - sooooo sick! Judgement Hammer are young enough to have to play straight-edge at bars, and skilled enough to whoop up on many an aged long-hair. They released a new record a couple of months ago, aptly dubbed 'Arbiter of Fate,' from which "Lightning War" has been graciously donated. Thrash metal for the black jeans and white hi-tops in you!

2) TSMF - “Tax Dollars From America” - surly yet fun-loving, these crazy punk folks in TSMF (ask them what it stands for) have been booting backsides for the last 2+ years. This recording was made especially for the JimmyComp released back in the winter, and man does it kill! Hardcore shouts and gutteral belchings hand-deliver political and social gusto straight from the intestines. Yep!

3) At Home In The Cosmos - “Two Cancers and a Leo Walk into a Bar . . . ” - classic power trio AHITC deliver the thick, the heavy, the burlsome, and the sweat-drenched . . . the lineup has solidified into a powerhouse V8 engine of grungy, quasi-punk a la The Cows' more salient moments, or perhaps a noisier, more spiritually-attuned Jesus Lizard. Scuzz+truth=AHITC!

4) Green Sickness - “Smoke and Fire”- Green Sickness: four gnarly dudes who will drink your beer, annihilate your bong, and ride beyond the horizon leaving you waiting for their triumphant return. "Smoke and Fire" evokes images of a)not giving a damn b)wearing leather jackets and c)smoking the entire earth. Cross reference: Sabbath, ZZ Top, Eye Hate God, Bongzilla.

Stay tuned for more hot local music action!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[static]fest podcasting begins! First: The Headliners!

1) The Hand That Bleeds (North Portland noise pop) - “Platt Spree” - this track incites revolution and booty-shaking to the backdrop of shimmering delayed guitars and bursts of noisy energy. The Hand That Bleeds will drink all the booze and then cook you some fine, fine breakfast. THTB to the max!

2) Gladiators Eat Fire (Seattle psych-core) - “Monster” - previously released in a more spartan form on a tour demo back in the heady days of '09, this newly recorded version of "Monster" encapsulates everything rad about the Gladiators: tripped out guitars, burly stickin,' and mad hatter post-everything vocals. Sick.

3) I, Cordyceps (Seattle/B-ham indie super-group) - “From the Top of What?” - big stabs at the edge of consciousness, dueling guitar action, and epic swells . . . what else would you expect of a band that names itself after an insect-infecting zombie fungus?

4) He Whose Ox Is Gored (Seattle doombringers) - “Sacrificial OX”- off their new EP 'OP AMPS,' which was recorded by the legendary (some would say infamous) Tad, this tune reminds me not so much of the hellfire and brimstone associated with most metal outfits, but more of a John Connors future - where robots crush skulls underneath their titanium alloyed feet. Word.


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